Concept Design, Design Development, and Schematic Design
- Refinement of Core Business strategy, including Merchandising and Sales Goals.
- Thematic Design developed in support of Merchandising/Sales Goals.

Customer Traffic Flow & Control
- Studies of entrance, image presentation, store exposure, traffic and control for fast, efficient shopping experience for the target customer.
- Aisle definition / floor color definition.

Core Business Presentation
- Client's Core Business and product image positioned to create 1st impression that will strengthen the image of the core business. Develop master plans that reflect departmental presentation starting with core business.

Cross Merchandising
- Develop departmental and category adjacencies plans that support cross-merchandising of the Client's Core Business.

Private Label Packaging Design & Production
- Create and administer the production of an initial Private Label concept.
- Through a series of design interactions, determine the best course of action, within a product range, for the final package.

Story Telling and Identity Development
- Product presentations, Uniform Development, Menu Development.

Visual Presentation
- Fixture standards including vendor fixture standards guidelines
- Signage/graphics guidelines
- Seasonal and promotional standards
- Visual merchandising and presentation standards/manuals

Sound and Lighting Design
- In coordination with identity, merchandising and overall design intent.